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 Clan Application

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Leader (Beast w/ Shotgun & AK74u)

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PostSubject: Clan Application   Wed Feb 20, 2008 8:41 pm

Take a little time reading the rules and regulations before applying as interested members apply only please.

The Keepers of Hells Gate is an X-Box 360 Clan for the game of Call Of Duty 4. The Keepers of Hells Gate ask that applying members intend to follow and help enforce clan rules, act responsibility for your actions, and act in a mature manner. No Cheating allowed, otherwise your gaming style is up to you. We are looking for players who like to compete but at the same time enjoy playing the game and having fun. Below is a list of Rules and Regulations. Also KHG asks that you are prepared to play various games or to take the challenge.

1. No Cheating, Glitching, etc. Think of any game you play, act in a manner where you represent your clan with respect. If anyone wearing a clan tag is caught acting in this manner they will have their membership revoked.

2. Please refrain from using derogatory, racial, sexist, or insulting language toward any clan members or guests.

3. Cursing and Trash talk are ok to an extent, please use common sense and don't be excessive.

4. Do not act in an immature manner if you have nothing to say don't say it, turn off you mic. or don't make a post. No pornography there could be young guests plus it's offensive.

5. If clan members have a dispute that can't be resolved privately message a council member and there will be a council meeting to resolve the problem where the disputing parties will be called in to defend their side and a decision will be made.

6. All members will be expected to show activity in the game and on the forum at least one a week. If there is a reason you will be gone please let the council know, otherwise there is a chance your membership could be deleted.

7. You are a member of this clan if you are caught with another clan tag your membership will be revoked and forever removed. If you wish to be in another clan this is a free world notify someone, leave, and join the clan of your choice.

8.Clan members will be expected to conduct themselves maturely and represent the clan with dignity and respect in Every clan game or forum they are in, regardless if it is owned and or operated by The Keepers of Hells Gate. If you wear the clan tag represent it with pride in all of your games.

9. Being part of a clan is a form of friendship and camaraderie. Treat your clan mates with respect, treat them as if they were any other of your friends everyone understands what it is to joke around, don't push it to far. Be there to help your fellow clan members, teach ones who ask, encourage ones who need encouraging, everyone can take the time to help another if asked.

10. Everyone is asked to have a headset communication is the key to winning a match and becoming a team.

11. Anyone can apply, but be forewarned acting in an immature or insulting manner will lead to failure of application and membership will be removed.

12. (update) All members of the forums must be logged onto the forums at least once a day and put effort into contributing to the forum topics and messages. Go ahead speak your mind

13. After a certain number of clan members are accepted (I'm thinking 15-20, but it's not set yet) recruitment will be closed until a spot is available. Not trying to exclude anyone, but I would like to have a unified clan and keep the ability to keep track of all the members.

14. If Rejected you will be provided with an explanation and reason of rejection.

On to the Application: Posting an application mean you accept and agree to the rules and regulations of the Keepers of Hells Gate Members. Advancement in the Clan will be discussed in the Clan Forum.

Please follow the steps below to apply:

1. Make sure you are Registered to the site.
2. Copy the questions below.
3. Paste and answer them in a new topic.


Xbox Live GamerTag:

How old are you?:

List any previous clans:

How did you find out about The Keepers of Hells Gate?

If Referred, Who Referred you?

Why do you want to join The Keepers of Hells Gate?

Do you have a mic (headset)?

What time zone are you in?

How often are you on Live?

Favorite Game Type?

Please make sure your information is true and correct as anything wrong could delay a response. Thank you for your interest in becoming a Keeper of Hells Gate member.

Now that you have the application finished, time for Try-outs. If I'm not online send me a message on Live (CCole86) or one of our members and we'll get a game going.

Try-outs, just consist of a some games to see how well you communicate with fellow members and such, it had nothing to with your prestige or rank I'm looking for players who want to have a good time and enjoy playing as a group.
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Clan Application
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