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PostSubject: Application   Mon Feb 25, 2008 4:50 pm

Username: Ownedgb1

Xbox Live GamerTag: Ownedgb1

How old are you?: 22

List any previous clans: GB (counter-strike) AFKbots (shadowrun)

How did you find out about The Keepers of Hells Gate? Ign Forums

If Referred, Who Referred you?

Why do you want to join The Keepers of Hells Gate? I want to join a clan who wants to play matches, who works together, also I want to work with people who can have fun while doing good in a game.
Do you have a mic (headset)? yes

What time zone are you in? EST PA

How often are you on Live? weekends and the occasional week night

Favorite Game Type? Shooters, Strategy, Sims (not the game the genre), Turn based

Favorite Game Type? Hardcore Hardcore Hardcore Hardcore Oh yea and some headquarters or sabatoge.

AIM- I'm not really on to much but its owned321, if you pm me Ill give you my celly and u can just txt me but not call long distance calls suck lol

What previous shooters were your favorite? Started on doom and wolfenstien, Counterstrike, Golden eye 007(N64), and well of course COD$

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Leader (Beast w/ Shotgun & AK74u)
Leader (Beast w/ Shotgun & AK74u)

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PostSubject: Re: Application   Mon Feb 25, 2008 6:10 pm

alright, well let me know when you'd be able to do a Try-out and we'll see how it goes from there. Since I'm not sure when you'll be around I'll let you know I'm not home until after 5pm (CST) during the week and on weekends I'm around somewhere nearby, unless notified otherwise. I check here first then I get on Live, so if I'm not here then you should be able to find me there.
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